Evaporate is the first episode of the series of the same name. It is the only non-short episode that doesn't have a single day in it.

Cast Edit

Main Characters: Evaporate, Necklinne

Minor Characters: Pac-Man

Summary Edit

Necklinne tells Evaporate to take the trash out, but Evaporate won't do it. So, Necklinne kicks Evaporate before ending the episode with a countdown.

Transcript Edit

*The title card pops up on a green background, with the text "Evaporate" on it, before zooming into a city building.*

Necklinne: Hey, can you let the trash out?

Evaporate: Dang, bitch! What are you, my mom?

*Necklinne's mouth moves as the word "eskimo" appears on the screen, but she doesn't say anything. The screen then cuts back to Evaporate, in the snow and wearing a winter coat. It then cuts back to Necklinne, who kicks Evaporate, sending him flying through the air, past some orange juice. Text then pops up on screen as Evaporate is flying.*

Text: Vitamins

Text: Of

Text: Mischief

Text: Meat

Text: Drugs

*Evaporate gets stuck on a tissue box that says "COOKIES." Necklinne, still angry, pulls out a button that activates a Spongebob-esque screen saying "Your Final Countdown:" and counting down from 5. When the timer reaches zero, the episode ends.*

Trivia Edit

  • Necklinne's voice is different in this episode than all of the others, sounding more like the character Dora from the kids' show Dora the Explorer.
  • This episode was based off of a sketch by Jacob Lenard.[1]
  • This episode does not credit the voice actors.

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