Evaporate 10 is the tenth episode of the Evaporate series. It premiered on YouTube on December 21, 2017.

Day 20 - "Hotel" Edit

Nerv is standing outside of a hotel called the Excellence Inn, and their sign promises 100% Excellence. Nerv decides that if the service there ain't a hundred percent excellent, "You can stuff [him] up and call [him] Jimmy!" He goes inside and heads for the accommodation desk. Cortex Guy asks him what accommodation would he likes, and Nerv says he'd like the chicken. He ends up in the Chicken Room of the hotel, and despite it being filled with loads of clucking chickens, Nerv isn't fazed at all, and likes it. He's even excited for the complimentary movie screening of Chicken Little 5: You Suck! After a brief moment, Yoda and an old guy come in, begin to dance, and a dog barks.

Day 22 - "Dance Off" Edit

Nerv challenges Blue Bastard to a dance-off. Blue Bastard accepts the challenge, but upon seeing Nerv's Hip-Hop moves, he concludes, "I can't compete with that" before exploding.

Day 23 - Music Video Edit

Necky and Nerv are visiting Sea Monkey Productions, and Necky is excited as she and Nerv can star in a music video. Nerv simply meows in response. On the set of the music video, Necky just does nothing as she stands in the middle of the screen, looking around, as Gay Pac-Man's "Girls Are Bad" song plays on the greenscreen. Nerv appears to be too close to the camera, and you can only see the top of his head. The song finishes, and Necky proclaims, "We're stars!"

Day 24 Edit

Nerv is worriedly walking through a dark, industrial landscape, carrying a baseball bat. He passes a dark, Grim Reaper-esque person with the face of Ernie, who says he misses his wife before fading away. Nerv stands there awkwardly for a second, before a green monster lunges at him. Nerv quickly smashes the monster's head in a second with his bat, and states "[he's] gotta watch The Jetsons.

The episode ends with Elmo asking the viewers, "Are you a Cosmo Boy?"

Trivia Edit

  • "Chicken Little 5" came from this tweet.
  • The video of Nerv dancing was posted on Jacob Lenard's Twitter here.
  • The "Cosmo Boy" segment originated from a tweet where Jacob Lenard said he had a dream where someone walked by him with a t-shirt that read "Are you a Cosmo Boy?" with Elmo on it.